About us

Long and Proud Legacy

Elliott’s Crane Hire & Specialised Transport is a Tasmanian owned and operated company, based in Risdon Vale, Hobart. Originally operating as Elliott Brothers, we have a long and proud legacy dating back to 1860. 

Elliots Crane Hire - Hobart's Crane Hire Experts - Parliament House Tasmania
Elliotts Crane Hire Hobart Tasmania

Our Services

Elliott’s Crane Hire & Specialised Transport offers a range of services to Hobart and surrounding areas. From lifting a boat from its berth to major construction, we have the fleet to do the job. 

Our services include a professional site analysis to ensure the best practice and equipment are being used for your project. By ensuring best practice, it means safety, efficiency, and value for money are all being met. 

The team at Elliott’s Crane Hire is highly proficient and friendly, and we work to provide all the skills and resources needed to do the job efficiently and safely.

Our Capabilities

With 150+ years of operations, it is safe to say that we have been in the business long enough to know which piece of equipment is best suited to our client’s unique circumstances.  

We are well equipped with a fleet of cranes that range from a 3-tonne Crawler to a massive 220-tonne mobile crane, so you can be confident that we have a crane that is ideal for the task.

With our modern fleet of meticulously maintained cranes, we are ready to meet the demands of all customers. We have expert riggers, specialist heavy haulage and an outstanding fleet of cranes, which is everything to do the job right and efficiently.

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