Safety is Key

We take all matters of safety very seriously

Elliott’s Crane Hire & Specialised Transport take all matters of safety very seriously. We appreciate that heavy haulage vehicles and equipment need to be utilised and treated with respect. All the cranes and equipment we own and operate are regularly audited to ensure that safety is guaranteed when we are on the job. We have always aimed for a total “no injuries ever” record – and to date, we are 100% on target. 

Elliotts Cranes Hire Hobart Tasmania nighttime operations safety
Elliotts Cranes Hire Hobart Tasmania worksite safety

How we achieve 100% safety

The crew at Elliott’s are committed to safety. We implement safety procedures including site analysis, surveying and planning for lifts and loads to ensure both the success and safety of our jobs. Every lift is subject to a site-specific Safe Work Method statement and risk assessment. Every team member on site – from the boss to the team on the ground – know exactly what is expected of them regarding safety and on-site protection. 


Safety is paramount

We are dedicated to site safety.

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